Sunday, October 09, 2005

Kos Cracks Me Up!

Silly Kos. I was clicking around this morning and stopped by LGF. Haven't stopped by there in quite some time. It just got frustrating to read and not be able to comment. Registration has been closed for some time now and all it was good for was to read whatever Charles may have linked to. I can get links anywhere.

But I stopped in this morning, nontheless, and came across a link to this conservative bloggers suck post by our liberal friend and delicate flower, Markos "Screw 'em" Zuniga.

In part, he says:
Kevin Drum and Atrios talk about angst within the conservative blogging world over being ignored, while liberal bloggers are embraced by the establishment.

That's sort of true and not true. As for conservatives being ignored, as Atrios notes, yeah, that part is true

Oh, puleeeeze! Being ignored? Are you kidding? Being ignored by whom? Certainly not the left. Conservative blog comment sections are often quite long and almost always consist of comments from both sides of the political spectrum. Go visit Kos or Atrios or Democratic Underground, to name only a few. Do you ever see a hint of dissent? No, of course not. And let me tell you, the comment sections are really nuts. [edit] Yes, I know Kos means that the main stream media is ignoring conservative blogs. But the public is ignoring the media more and more each day. Kos has hitched his wagon to a falling star. And its burning up in the atmosphere, as we speak.

Random examples from an Atrios post which said:
It's hard not to notice just how excited a certain segment of wingnuttia gets whenever there's a terrorism alert. Their worldview has taken a beating lately, and as for many of them there political worldview is entirely shaped by the events of 9/11, a few dead New Yorkers might just help make them feel that sense of importance they oddly latched onto after 9/11.

"fuck bush!"

"They'll bravely fight terrorists with their verbosity to the last New Yorker!"

"And we bring the fight to them on the streets of Baghad, London and New York, so we won't have to fight them at home!"

"We are regularly terrorized by the Christians. they scare the shit out of us, especially on Sundays."

"They like the idea of dead New Yorkers for a lot of reasons."

"And we feel the same way about them."

"Gravatar NY Mary, they like the idea of American dead, period. Otherwise they would have been horrified by 911 and serious about catching Bin Laden. Otherwise they would have been appalled by the Iraq war and serious about impeaching Shrubboy."

"I think the idea of a lot of dead Angelenos would make them cream in their shorts, too."

"But I thought the current wingnut delusion was that Chimpy was protectin' us against any further turrist attacks."

"And isn't it just dandy that we're giving $100,000 to Pakistan to help with the clean up from their earthquake. Up to 30,000 dead. jeebus."

"Speaking of Wingnuttia, I had the occassion to dine at an "all-you-can-eat" buffet yesterday in the very heart of House Rep. and Moronic Brownshirt Fuck in Good Standing Richard Pombo's district yesterday. Truly fucking appalling (the patrons, not the food)..."

"I'm sure a few dead Bostonians would make them dance a jig or two."

"I like how Coulter can say batshit insane shit about how New Yorkers would flee in an attack...coupled with her desire for an attack."

"If Al Qaeda would set off a suicide snatch bomb (is that anatomically possible in the victim) near Coulter it would be a public service."

"Daniel Ellsberg argues that most of the Republicans strategy makes sense if you realize they're holding on and hoping for another 9/11."

"They'd nuke Cambridge, MA if they could."

"If all the rich Republican kids start leaving Harvard and going home for vacations, worry."

Isn't that nice? Wasn't a lot accomplished there? There were 75 comments to that one post. These were only a few - and not even the worst. And these are the people who criticize others from the opposite side of politics for "stupid comments"? I guess Kos has become so inured to the screeching and insanity, it's actuall makes sense to him or he wouldn't side with Drum or Atrios.

No, the right is certainly not ignored. Not by the left for sure and certainly not by the right. I can name several conservative blogs whose comment sections are not comprised of assylum inmates. Belmont Club, Roger L. Simon and Captains Quarters, to name only three, have very thoughtful and insightful commenters. I can't name one single well known lefty blog that can boast such an intelligent following. Their comment sections all look like what I posted above.

Kos goes further to say:
Not only are conservative blogs redundant in the conservative media pantheon, but they have not proven adept at raising money. And in politics, raising money is the first, second, and third most important thing.

Redundant? Redundant? (Okay, that was a joke) Let's see - things I've read about in conservative blogs just in the last two days:
The Supreme Court nominee
The earthquake in Kashmir
The Oil for Food saga
The Iraq war
Happenings in the Netherlands, China, The UK, Australia, Kosovo, the UN, etc.

Things I've read about in lefty blogs:
No matter what it is, it's Bush's fault or the RAM (Republican Attack Machine). Now THAT, my friend, is redundancy.

And as far as Kos's talk of rightie bloggers inability to raise money? WTF? This isn't the first time Kos has talked about money, nor the third, fourth or fifth. In fact, Kos is obsessed with money. Kos thinks that if he raises enough money he can finally get someone he supports to win an election. Even if it's only a city council post. Where is he now with his candidates? 0-16? Newsflash, Kossie --> It ain't the money. It's votes. It's the message. And now that I think about it, what ever happened to his threat back in August to bring down the DLC (Democratic Leadership council)? What a joke.

Then he says:
On the other hand, liberal bloggers are definitely getting attention from the folks wiring the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy. No money yet, but there's hope to start building some blog-supporting infrastructure. A think tank, maybe some fellowships, book deals, cross-media promotions (like my weekly spot on Majority Report Radio), those sorts of thing. Just like the conservative movement has worked to support its best writers and build a wide-reaching media machine, so too is the progressive movement seeking to mimic that.

Warning, Kos - ever see the movie Multiplicity? Copy and mimic all you like. Just be careful of your results. They could come back to bite you in the arse. Your cheering section isn't all that hears you. The more you get your insipid ideas out there the more you reveal you don't know what the hell you're talking about. Have you even bothered to look objectively at your comment section? Is this how you expect others to take you seriously? And who are your best writers? Kitty Kelly? Michael Moore?


When it comes down to it, I'd rather be ignored by some people than to be the butt of everyone's jokes. And believe me, your posterior region has been paid more attention than the rest of you since it seems that is where most of your rhetoric is derived from.


At 10/11/2005 08:24:00 PM, Blogger Carola said...

I just can't visit those places. Too negative, too stupid.


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