Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Your mouth is moving, but all I hear is blahblahblah

Things I'm tired of hearing:

Old ones
Tax cuts for the rich.
    "Everyone" got tax cuts, imbecile. Except those who don't pay taxes. Can't cut taxes on those who don't pay them now, can you?

    Cram it. Next time you have something to say about the police or firemen, I'm going to tell you, "Unless you're willing to put yourself in harms way and apprehend criminals or put out fires - STFU."

The economy is so bad.
    Really now? And what level of degree do you have in economics? None? Oh - well then STFU.

    Isn't that cute? Okay, now say "supercalifragilisticexpealidocious".

We're there for the oil.
    Right. We're there so they can raise it to $70 a barrel. We didn't think we were paying enough.

There were no WMD.
    I'll tell you what, ask these people where the WMD are. Oh, that's right - Bush LIED to them. As a matter of fact, the WHOLE DAMN world fell for it. Mwahahaha.

New ones
If the people in New Orleans had been rich/white/republican (pick one or all), Bush would have been there faster.
    How ignorant. If they had voted in a Mayor and Governor for any other reason than their promises to keep the welfare checks coming, they might have cared enough to crank up a few buses to help get them out.

"Bush supporters act like the critics are blaming him for the hurricane and the flood."
    A bunch of them are, dumbass™. Haven't you heard? He didn't sign the Kyoto. If he had, we'd all be skipping alongside chocolate rivers, singing songs and eating lollipops. Haven't you read? He cut funding for the levies. Never mind that it's a lie - you heard someone say so and you hate him so it MUST be true.

FEMA - Brown - FEMA - Brown (repeat incessantly).
    You didn't even know who he was before two weeks ago and now you're a critic. Newsflash, dumbass™, FEMA was NOT ever intended as a first responder. It works from the bottom up. All one need do is ASK FOR HELP. Thanx to you, the federal government will now have more power over the states in one more respect. But that's what you've wanted all along, haven't you?

You people make me sick. Nah, I feel sorry for you. You don't even have the wherewithall to come up with your own sayings or opinions. That must stink.


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