Saturday, September 24, 2005

Voucher Vultures? Puhleeze.

Earl Hadley at is not happy with how the government is handling getting students displaced from hurricane Katrina back into school.
Of the $2.6 billion in reconstruction funding proposed, nearly a fifth—$488 million—will go to providing vouchers to students. The conservative spin machine is quick to point out that Louisiana has a higher percentage of private school students than the nation overall. John Boehner, chair of the House Education Committee, suggests in The Washington Post that since all schools are opening their doors to children, we should support all schools. Boehner ignores the fact that, as People for the American Way states, it’s primarily public schools assisting displaced students. And it is public schools, as opposed to private ones, that have the obligation to provide for all students. Private schools are free to contribute or not. Following Boehner’s logic, the administration and its allies next will say that we should reimburse Wal-Mart for the goods that company donated.

In other words, if public schools take in displaced students, it's okay to divert funds there to compensate. But if private schools take in displaced students, fuck 'em - they can get financial help elsewhere. Oh, and nice Wal-Mart segue there.

And Ted "blowhole" Kennedy is outraged, outraged I tell you, at the neo-con machine trying to sneak in the voucher program, yet, what does he care? His kids went to private schools. And he, and other Senators and Congressmen, get the equivalent of these vouchers by not having to pay into their own retirement programs. But we can't talk about that. Theyr'e just so dead-set against it, regardless of whether or not it will work, they'll go to any measure to disparage it and keep it from being tried. What are they so afraid of?

The point is that government schools are for the most part already at capacity or overcrowded. To crowd them even more in communities already strained to accomodate large groups of evacuees is insanity.

Earl Hadley further says:
The strategy is pretty clear: Tug on the heartstrings about helping all children, and then, once the students are in school, demand that they remain in private/religious institutions so that their education is not disturbed.

Oh really, Mr. Hadley? And what hamster told you this? Again, what is he afraid of? That private schools might show them up and do a better job? Or turn out something other than a new generation of dependent Democrats?

Note that Earl is simply another Bush-basher who uses twisted logic and selective reasoning to oppose anything the administration tries to improve education while never coming up with a viable alternative. Even though education is supposed to be his specialty he seems to think that the best answer to educating our children is money for government run schools, judging by the way he defends them and criticizes anyone who tries to improve them by any another other measure than just throwing money at the problem. And then the money is.never.enough. Of course, he knows it all. /sarcasm

No. This man is not so interested in our schools as he is interested in beating the drum of opposition because he has a dislike for the current administration. If he really cared, if he really wanted to do something, he would be writing about the waste in government spending with regard to our education system. You know, like the five story building our own county schoolboard occupies, on prime property right on the river, with who knows how many offices which perform redundant services and pays its officials bloated salaries. (I won't even get into the content of the minutes of some of their meetings.) Hadley is so focused on the federal level - and all the petty theft and abuse is happening right under his nose at the local level.

And I think it stinks.


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