Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Unholy Alliances

It's amazing what you can learn by just reading between the lines of what people say and do. Here is a website that exposes what is NOT said by the "peace movement" or what they DO NOT want you to know.

In just 5 minutes of perusing this website, I've found some pretty shocking things. Things I only suspected, things I knew, but could never find any real, verifiable information on and things I had NO CLUE about.


It's an absolute gold mine of information about those who are funding the so called "peace movement" which has drawn in people who don't even know who they're supporting with their actions. They are dupes and useful idiots for some very un-American, anti-American, and downright evil people. Their purpose is to use unsuspecting people who think they are supporting a "good" cause like promoting peace to further an agenda of gaining control of our government for less than desirable purposes. They attempt to subvert our Democratic processes by using them against us.

So to all of you who participated in the recent marches against the war - How does it feel to be used? Wake up! You're fighting against something you've been told is evil by the people who wish to control every aspect of your lives and who will see to it that you are left powerless in the end. Look at the speakers that were lined up for the march in Washington. Do you feel comfortable standing side-by-side with those who would destroy your way of life? To those who would gleefully reduce you the point of submission to their Marxist, communist wishes?

I'm not exaggerating. Do you want to live in a communist style country run with George Soros' and Theresa Heinz's money? Do you feel comfortable putting YOUR future in their hands? If you think that the rich are evil and have lived "priveledged lives" and don't understand you, the working man, why do you exclude these two and others like them? THEY'RE USING YOU!

DiscoverTheNetwork. Read it and weep.


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