Friday, September 23, 2005

Too Deep

Okay, this is way over my head, but it seems that Seixon has a problem with the Lancet study undertaken to determine just how many Iraqi civilian deaths are attributed to the war.

I think the sin here (and please, I won't argue the details of "sampling" or "clusters". I'm a simple person) is the fact that it may be flawed, but still, this study and its conclusion is being used as "gospel" for argument's sake. We can beat each other up all day long on specifics, but in the meantime, there are literally millions out there who seize this information and use it to bludgeon their political opponents with or to sway public opinion, and it may not be accurate?

Isn't this similar to the problem we're dealing with on global warming? The information may not be accurate.

(And I dare you to read Seixon's whole post without getting crosseyed)


At 9/24/2005 06:10:00 AM, Anonymous sarahbella said...

Why does it seem that these people forget just how many "civilian" deaths occurred at the hands of Hussein? Or about how the number still doesn't compare to the victims of terrorism in general, here and overseas? I suppose that's too sensible.

As for global warming. No such thing. If these last 2 hurricanes are being blamed on global warming, then that must've been what was happening back in 1915, when 2 category 4 hurricanes hit the same spot in one season, eh?


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