Thursday, September 29, 2005

*Sniffle* *Whine* *Pout*

The IFC (International Freedom Center) who was so giddy about replacing the footprints of the World Trade Center with a virtual slap in the face to all who suffered losses there has decided to take their chips and go home because we didn't like them changing the rules to the game. In their smug and condescending manner and with obvious pouting going on (I could just see them with their bottom lips stuck out a mile) they're folding up shop rather than accept that their idea might be better recieved in say - Berkeley.

The four points they made as their good-bye:

* This significant blow to the idea of a living memorial that emerged from a comprehensive public process;
* The loss of a museum of freedom at the place where freedom was so brutally challenged;
* The failure to accept the offer of nine great universities to offer cultural programming on freedom issues in the heart of Lower Manhattan; and
* This setback to one of the most ambitious and promising service and civic engagement programs in this country.

Isn't that all grandiose sounding? [*coughbullshitcough*]

On the first point; it was certainly NOT a "comprehensive public process". It was a group of intelectuals grandstanding is what it was. The only thing that made it public at all was our resounding "NO". The third one really got me. They wanted the universtities to "offer cultural programming"? Right. Our liberal universtites who spend more time teaching their students what is wrong with America than what is right. Our universities who harbor such "nuanced" professors as Juan Cole, Ward Churchill and Rashid Khalidi? No thanks. We didn't want them formulating a diatribe of what we did do bring this upon ourselves over 300,000 square feet of what should be a memorial for innocent lives lost. A place where people should feel comfortable gathering and can tell their stories and share a commonality.

In spite of being such complicated people, we're in truth, very simple. Put a monument there that celebrates the American spirit and honors the fallen. Nobody put it better than Debra Burlingame when this first came to light.


At 9/29/2005 10:00:00 PM, Anonymous Pavel said...

This reaction is completely predictable. We're talking about "academics", after all - who are so completely insulated from reality that they actually think the rest of us enjoy shitting on America as much as they do, and can't understand why we don't think their shitting-du-jour is a good use of tax dollars.

They're beneath contempt, the whole lot of them. And I have to remember not to read your blog this close to bedtime, because my blood pressure goes up.

At 10/01/2005 11:32:00 AM, Anonymous GM Roper said...

OUCH!!!!! Well said AP, well said.... the IFC if they REALLY wanted to glorify "freedom" as opposed to pontificating about the evils of the USA would just move their museum to somewhere else. That they chose to close the project says that it was indeed intended as a slap at the victim, not the perpetrators!


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