Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Roberts hearings - Live and in color

Diane Feinstein stinks too. Each member of the judiciary committee has their thing. Her thing is abortion.

She just quoted several remarks Roberts has said in the past that sounded disparaging toward women and wanted to know if this was how he felt. Legitimate question. He said he felt gender equality was important. However, when he tried to put the remarks into their proper context she said she didn't want to "belabor" the point she just wanted to know if that was the way he felt and again brought up his past remarks. He answered her question again. She said she wasn't interested in that, she just wanted to know if that was the way he felt "now". WTF? I'm pretty sure she was belaboring the point.

She just tried to trick him into a Roe related question. He's far too smart for that. She apparently has judged him relevant to her own intelligence.

It seems that the order of the day is to quote him out of context and snidely wait for him to explain himself and then feign indifference.

She brought up the Bray case and knew the answer already. Why she asked it, I don't know. When he answered it, once again, she feigned indifference.

Now she's on "church and state". She has no clue what the first amendment says. She said she believes in the "absolute" separation of church and state. What ever that means. Then she led straight into one's right on "end of life" decisions and the court's role. He skirted a definitive answer deftly.

If she brings up her "days as a student at Stanford University" during her questioning as she did during her opening statement and a million times over the last few weeks, I'm writing her a letter.
Thank God she's done. I won't be writing that letter.


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