Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Roberts confirmation interrogations, er hearings, began yesterday. Sort of. We were first subjected to bloviations, and in Kennedy's case, blow-hole clearings, until we were bored to tears.

Those bloviations by Democrats ranged from Reagan to abortion and everything in between while the Republicans simply assured Roberts he didn't have to answer certain questions.

Sen. Russell Feingold (D-Wis.) implied that the administrations refusal to release certain documents from the time Roberts was solicitor is a conspiracy of some sort with this statement: "The refusal gives rise to a reasonable inference that the administration has something to hide here." How about attorney-client priviledge, dude? Or is that not enough "nuance" for you? And he also said, "This is a confirmation proceeding...not a coronation." --What a turd-- And if Dianne Feinstein says one more word about her "days as a student at Stanford University" I think I'll throw up. And I can't believe Kennedy can even say the word "bipartisan" without choking. And, and, and, oh nevermind.

I find it interesting that even with the recent Kelo decision, the Democrats still support and want liberal judges. Technically speaking, with "liberal" judges on the court, why do we need them at all? Just make them all Senators instead.

[EDIT] Captain Ed said it far better than I could.


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