Friday, September 09, 2005

It's really pathetic when a natural disaster strikes and while everyone is scrambling to get a handle on things, right on the very first day people start shouting, pointing fingers, criticizing and spreading stories about things they know absolutely nothing of. And I am not lying when I say it was the ultra-left wing of this country that has been the most guilty party of all.

Yes, I'm pointing fingers. I'm pointing my finger at those people and telling them to JUST SHUT UP! I'm sick and tired of the immediate reaction of "BUSH! BUSH! It's all his fault!" Good God, people. Get a grip on yourselves and do something besides shouting invectives and criticizing those who are trying.

We have two kinds of people in this country. Those who get up and do something, even if they make mistakes along the way, and those that sit on their fat asses and criticize them.

Hillary jumped out of the box demanding a Katrina Commission. Right, Hillary. Just like the 9/11 Commission?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr burned up his keyboard at the Huffington Post with his superior morality raving about the Kyoto Treaty on the first day. The first day!

Nancy Pelosi has been screaming for Brown's head. Did she forget that he was nominated and then confirmed by the Senate with a voice vote UNANIMOUSLY? That's a big problem with many of our Democrat politicians. They vote someone in and scream bloody murder, blaming the Republicans when they don't fit the bill.

"The emergency response system was set up to work from the bottom up." Why do these people lay all the blame on the feds? Yep. They were slow to get there. BECAUSE NO ONE ASKED FOR THEIR HELP. All the feds heard was "We have everything under control. See? Here's our plan." Only they didn't do anything in the plan. Nagin keeps saying, "I told them to leave. I told them to leave." Good Lord. I read the official letter Kathleen Blanco sent to Bush. She recited all the preventive measures they were taking and simply asked for funding for later damages. She must have mentioned "debris removal" four times. Did she mean bodies?

I haven't heard a single one of these Democrats criticize the elected officials from the city and state level in Louisiana. Why are they in office? They're in office becuase the people of louisiana VOTED them into office. Not because of Bush. Not because of any one else.

It's the same old entitlement mentality. "We talk big but we don't really know what the fuck we're doing so when things get bad, we're blaming you. Because YOU should have known we didn't know what the fuck we were doing."

Mistakes were made. Yes, people died. How many didn't have to if they'd only done one simple thing. Use the buses. Instead they feel a lot better about their fellow Democrats who were disgustingly neglectful by blaming Bush. That's just pathetic.

I hope they do have a thorough investigation.


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