Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I think we should all read Bill Whittle's newest essay on tribes. Then read this article that could be nestled nicely in with Bill's ideas.

I'm not a full blown sheepdog. I want to be and I think I could be, given a set of circumstances that encourage some to become sheepdogs. At the very least, I'm a grey sheep. What are you? Pink or grey?

Addition Before I start with this, please understand that I'm not talking about all the poor in New Orleans. I'm talking about the wicked. So please do not misconstrue what I say here.

Some say these idiots running through the streets, killing, looting non-essential items from stores, and raping should be shot on site. I look at it this way. Some will argue that it's not their fault [the looters, rapists, etc.]. They were long oppressed by society and are not really responsible for their actions. I say Nay. If one among us comes down with a highly infectious plague, do we not separate them from the healthy? Yet, was it their fault?

Tendencies in those who will deliberately do others harm are not sudden like disease. They're nurtured and taught by others with the same traits and may lay dormant. It only takes a catalyst such as the disaster in New Orleans for these traits to come out. I say eliminate them from the gene pool.

Why would some people band together and survive quite well, even while helping others outside their realm - poor and midle class and rich - and others go off on their own or band with those who would decide it's better to take from others rather than use their own innate talents to do the same? I would venture to guess that most of those who are banding together to do the right thing are the very one's who have been robbed all along by the government to support those who now use their own brute force to continue to take what they are not willing to provide for themselves. They are still TAKING and TAKING and TAKING and they'll kill you to get what they want. The government, for even a brief period of time, stopped giving and now they take using their own force.

Civility and Barbarism. Who do you blame? In all reality - the individual. Period.


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