Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Gingrich Speech

We went to see Newt Gingrich speak last night. I have to say, it was better than I expected. He was very clear and concise. He was very positive. A far cry from what we had to endure in the last election cycle. John Kerry hijacked the entire campaign season with so much negativity that the responses to it were more negativity.

He hit on the most important aspects of our country, its people and goverment have to address if we are to come out of the spiral we're in.

1. Taking the terrorist threat seriously. And this means that some need to get out of their hidey holes, quit denying it and face it head on.

2. Stop this effort to drive God out of public life. 91% of the people are actually against this and 8% are dictating to the 91%. He made the point that our forefathers acknowledged that our rights came from our creator. If the creator is driven out of our lives then who will our children grow up thinking our rights came from? "The State?" Not good. Not good.

3. I'll take this part straight from the literature because it says it all; "The challenge of China and India will require transformations in litigation, education, taxation, regulation, environment and health policies for America to continue to be the most successful economy in the world and the best source of high-paying jobs and enough economic growth to sustain the Baby Boomers and their children when they retire, especially the transformation of math and science education in America." [emphasis mine]
    3a) Litigation: We graduate far more lawyers than China or India which graduate many more math and science specialists. We're far to litigous a society. Banning lawyer commercials would be a good start. He agrees.
    3b) Education: Why can't someone, who has years and years of experience and degrees in math and science, volunteer one hour a day to really teach our children what they know and love more than anyone else? Because they don't have a teaching degree and haven't paid teacher's union dues. It's stupid.
    3c) Taxation: our tax code is a nightmare. He wouldn't elaborate on a question from an audience member asking his opinion about the "Fair Tax" idea. He did admit that what we have now is a mess but didn't openly endorse it. However, he does endorse individual retirement accounts.
    3d) Regulation: We have excessive regulations on private business and excessive regulations on health insurance is what's causing many Americans to be unable to afford it.
    3e) Environment: He's against the Kyoto Treaty and says furthermore, "Human progress can coexist with biodiversity. Greater wealth and technological achievement helps the environment. The greatest dangers to biodiversity are poor people cutting down tropical forests for monetary gain and killing endangered species for meat."

He wouldn't answer the question whether he planned to run for President. And even elicited a few laughs during his hour at the podium. He spoke about hurricane Katrina and the failures of each level of government in the disaster relief. Local government needs to be held accountable to their citizens or be replaced by the people with someone else until they get the right one in office and FEMA needs to be overhauled to be more receptive to the private business sector in coming to the aid of people when in need. Perfect sense. Out of, I think, 200 offers from private business to send in teams of experts and equipment to help with aid and recovery, free of charge, FEMA could only find its way to saying yes to a mere handful. That's just sick.

He also thinks we should censure Senator Durbin. - Hear! Hear! Now, if we could only get him to include Ted "blowhole" Kennedy.

There was so much more to the speech, but I'm running out of time. If you want more information on Newt Gingrich go to his site. He has a series of .mp3 files in the left column. I'd recommend listening.


At 9/28/2005 05:49:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've always thought Gingrich one of the most brilliant political minds of this era. He was successfully demonized by the Dems, more for his style than his substance. Yes, he can be abrasive, but he's usually right. Speaking of abrasive, how does Howard Dean and Ted Kennedy get such a pass from the media? I personally would vote for Newt for pres, but, he would never get the nomination. Too bad.

At 10/02/2005 07:52:00 AM, Blogger A Person said...

My sentiments exactly. What a shame that they could effectively marginalize such a man.


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