Sunday, September 11, 2005

A few days ago, over at the Jawa Report, Rusty said a source told him some big news was getting ready to come out of Afghanistan. Speculation abounds. At first commenters speculated, in seriousness, that perhaps bin Laden had been found. The speculation quickly devolved into silliness. Here are some of the best ones:

Free opium for all American citizens over 21?

OBL caught/dead/humping a camel 12-1

Mullah Omar caught/dead/humping a camel 17-1

Afghans hold telethon for Americans affected by Katrina - raise $1 billion in 48 hours as the drug dealers around the world bid on opium plots 75-1

Major new coalition offensive finds hidden WMD stocks that are linked to both Pakistan 20-1 and Iraq 25-1

US troops are heading home after finishing the job, new US troops heading to Afghanistan are there to serve as advisors to help reconstruction 30-1

OBL caught humping little boy 3-1

Kanye West will play Kabul on December 14th?

Bin Laden's camel killed 5-1

Afghani National baseball team beats Seattle Mariners 6-3?

New Orleans Saints move their 2005 home games to Kabul: 50-1

Video of Osama dynamiting the Ponchartrain levees?

Mash note from Qusay to Obie, offering to let him crash in Iraq until the heat's off?

Video of CIA operative secretly replacing Obie's dialysis filter with dark, sparkling Folger's crystals?

Compromising photo of Mullah Omar and Iran's new Prime Minister dancing the funky chicken at a terrorist training camp in the late 80's?

George Galloway's mustache hairs identified by DNA, embedded in the hiney of OBL's charred corpse?

Hillary! fundraising letter addressed to Bashar Assad?

Discovery of Zarqawi's cache of exotic bukkake porn?

Planned Parenthood sets up new Karachi headquarters.

Sean Penn turns up atop mountain NE of Kabul in boat with two photographers, two columnists, two directors, two...

Pork chop restaurant opens in Jalalabad.


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