Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Dumbasses ™

I sullied myself today for you. You should be grateful. I went to DailyKos, as I sometimes do, to see what the inmates are up to. These people are largely, completely ignorant. They are so full of a bitter vetch that while you read you realize your face is scrunching up and turning to one side to avoid its spray as they spit out their vitriol. I always feel like I need a shower afterwards.

Some of the quotes that were elicited by an open thread which was started with nothing but a photo of Bush re-entering Air Force One after a day in Louisiana. The back of his shirt was sweaty:

"His back mounted little electronic "cue box" doesn't work too well when it gets all wet and sweaty like that."   Yes, folks, they're still insisting that Bush was wearing a wire for the debates. Another KosKid replied saying it was a "LifeVest" (a heart defibrillator). Uh, no you dope. That's Cheney with the heart problems. It seems that our other KosKid got his information from a kook at the unrivaled "Indymedia". hahaha.

The very next quote in line was : "Did his little radio pack transmitter spring a leak, explode, etc.?"   Someone was so eager and chomping at the bit to make a snide remark, they didn't read the previous two posts. I don't know about you, but when I want to comment, I read the other comments first to make sure I'm not simply repeating something.

This was immediately followed with: "It's called flop sweat. You're going to be seeing a lot more of it in the next three years."   By now, I'm starting to feel really dirty.

Then: "He is not president now and never was."   Quick, somebody call the police!

This guy was awfully long winded: "One, Bush was not elected by a clear majority of voters in either 2000 or 2004. 2000 is a known theft. 2004 is still in dispute, but there are too many problems with the recorded votes in Ohio, Florida, and other states to give Bush credit for an earned victory."   Still in denial, are we? I won't even get into the more flambouyant conspiracies he expounded on.

A little further down this one cracked me up: "Just thought I'd take the time to plug Senator Byrd's book."   Bwahahaha!

Then another dolt: "After citing the overall 44% approval, they say, "The President earns Approval from 48% of men and 44% of women." How does that work? I'd assume their ratio of men to women would roughly match the national ratio."   And this person has an opinion? Wow.

Moving right along: "Of the two guarantees in this world we prefer death to taxes."   Is this guy lost? Does he know what blog he's on? Then the very next quote: "More money in my pockets"   Okay, so two people are lost.

This guy was doing way too much thinking without a brain: "i notice the White House's photographer has determined the exact angle and distance from which to photograph the ramp within the same frame as the Presidential emblem. Head down in shame, most probably in a drunken stupor, little georgie, ashamed of the ink from an exploded ben[pen] forming a wide rivulet along the arc formed by his spine, returns home to a mother who is ready to beat her insolent and indolent child. Some may interpret this as a photograph of "hard work" and "labor." I see a child who is aware of the mistakes he has made dreading punishment from mommy. Notice the lights inside are still on."

That is, by no means, all of it. There's way more ugliness in them thar pages Kos thinks speaks for the American public. All he's done is create a goon magnet. Every dumbass™ in the world shows up in no time just waiting their turn to display their ignorance, meanspiritedness and gullibility. And all without shame.

"Some people are alone for a reason," my mother used to say.


At 9/20/2005 07:51:00 PM, Anonymous Pavel said...

I don't even bother reading over there anymore. There is actually a responsible Left in existence, and they don't congregate at Kos. It's not worth reading.


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