Friday, September 09, 2005

A diamond in a shithouse. A must read.

[EDIT] I've been reading the comments after Greg's post (which, by the way, I found to be rather witty) and came across a comment by "an american" which consisted of several questions. First off, if this person had any sense of self respect I wish they would capitalize the word "American". Second, I will attempt to answer "an American's" questions:

Do you think of the Commander in Chief as having more physical courage than you?
"Physical courage"? WTF does that mean? Even though the question makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER, I'll try to answer it anyway ---- Yes.

Do you think the C-in-C is far smarter and hard-working than you are and so deserves twice as much vacation?
I think he's smarter than me in the sense that he can be C-in-C and I do not have the qualifications. I think this is obvious in that the public voted for him instead of me, and more voted for him than anyone else. Am I smarter in the sense that he can't do my job - Yes. What makes you think he was "on vacation"? Because he spent time working from his ranch rather than in the White House? When you go on "vacation", you likely go away to somewhere other than where you live and are absolved of all job related obligations. Hence, it is called "vacation" or if you're in Europe, "holiday". THAT is a vacation. And oh yeah, he DOES work harder than me and probably you, too.

Do you believe the president has overcome hardships that would stop a lesser person such as yourself or your parents?
Are you saying I'm a "lesser person"? Let's see - he quit smoking, drinking and drugs. I have far more respect for someone who can quit these things than those who never did them and look down on those who did, but quit. Furthermore, what "hardships" do you speak of? Please clarify, because if you think that coming from a well to do family always keeps one from "hardships", you're wrong.

Do you believe that no one in the country could have done a better job at FEMA than Brownie?
No. And his name is "Brown".

Do you, like the C-inC, consider the sauds our best buds in the world and would you like to hold hands with them in a garden sometime? Do you believe the Sauds are promoting democracy and fighting terrorism?
See? now you're making assumptions that he sees the Sauds as "our best buds". That comes from your bitterness and now you're just making stuff up to take the moral high-ground whether you deserve it or not. No, I don't think the Sauds are promoting democracy - enough. And I don't think they are fighting terrorism - enough. And neither does the President. And THIS is your stupidest question of all. Because I don't know one-single-conservative, and neither do you, who wants to hold hands with them in the garden. If you're referring to Bush holding the old man's hand you are being petty and callous. HE WAS AN OLD MAN. HE WAS UNSTEADY. WOULD YOU BE HAPPIER IF HE PUSHED HIM DOWN THE STAIRS? If your answer is yes, you are not a true American. You are a hateful, spiteful person.

Thank you and good day.


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