Friday, September 23, 2005

Bird Knows Address & Phone Number?

Okay, this is funny. Wish I could find it on the net, but no luck. I was listening to the Neal Boortz Show on the radio this morning and he tells us of a tame bird that was found and adopted by some school children for their class. If he said what kind of bird or where it was, I missed that part. Maybe it was in Japan.

What happened was the class adopted the bird and shortly afterwards the bird started chirping out its address and phone number in Japanese! Great way to reunite it with its owner, eh? Wish I'd done that with my cockatiel, Felix.

The odd thing is, I met a man a year or two ago and we got to talking. He told me he had found a cockatiel hanging around in his back yard that whistled the Andy Griffith song a year or two before. It hung around for a few weeks and he didn't see or hear it again. I couldn't believe my ears! The odd thing is he lived about six blocks from where I did when Felix disappeared. We had taught Felix to whistle the Andy Griffith song. I'm convinced it was Felix and was glad to hear that he at least lived for a while and may have been fine for a long period.

Small world, isn't it?


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