Monday, September 19, 2005

And the winner is ...

Each year the guys look forward to "football season". We women prefer to call it "sweater weather". That's one of the many differences between men and women.

Each "football season" Bobby Love conducts the football pool. It's not like most pools. We all call Bobby Love every Sunday morning, give him our picks and hope we are the winner. Bobby doesn't collect money from anyone as he takes down names and picks as most do. We figure half the fun of winning is collecting our own money. We all meet at our favorite watering hole each Friday and it's the winner's responsibily to collect his or her own cash. I won last week and I've won again this week. And I get great pleasure walking around the bar, drink in hand, tapping people on the shoulder and saying, "You owe me five bucks. Pay up, sucker." It's great fun.

Suzie and I are the only two women who get in on the action. The rest are guys. Anywhere between 11 and 18 people play at a time. Last year, the first 5 Sundays, Suzie and I kept winning alternately and it wasn't until we got bored and bowed out of playing that any of the guys finally got a stab at the pot. The "guys" who pride themsleves on keeping up with stats for each player and spending the weekdays analyzing, and agonizing over probablilities and possibilities have found that there's no replacement for just deciding who has the cutest quarterback. Okay, I'm kidding. I don't have any idea what I'm doing, nor do I even know who the quarterback is for more than half the teams.

But I'm certainly not going to let the guys know that.


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