Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Air America soup thickens as Al Franken is added to the pot.

There are so many web-based stories (90% are blogs. MSM doesn't seem to care) regarding the shell game Air America played to keep from becoming Airless America that I won't relate the whole thing here. At the end of this post I'll supply links to those who have done their homework and reported on what the main stream media chooses to ignore.

Al Franken has been slowly skating away from the Air America scam which began with procuring money from a non-profit organization designated to help poor children and concluded with a sale of the company to hide the fact that they owed nearly a million dollars to the organization. Franken wasn't wearing his speed skates and got nabbed by those who would actually care to see justice done in this fiasco. Don't hold your breath waiting to read about it in the Times.

The New York Times has done so little reporting on this it's almost gone without mentioning. The lastest NYT report was more concerned with the investigation of the non-profit group's finances than who tried to rip them off. They've reported just as scantly on the UN's Oil-For-Food scam, but that's another post.

This is absolutely despicable, yet expected, of the NYT which has no more credibility anymore than the tabloids we see at the grocery store checkout stand.

For information on how this came about and where it's going, I would submit these sites:
Michele Malkin (links to the rest of her articles on this ridiculousness are at the bottom)
Radio Equalizer
Captain's Quarters (google results)

Want to know what Air America's hosts talk about? What they say?
A few quotes from News Busters

Air America's worst:
Al Franken (ex-comedian)
Jeanine Garofalo (ex-comedienne)
Randi Rhodes (full blown idiot)


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