Friday, September 30, 2005

New New Orleans

To the Dumbasses™ at DU, the attempt to address the graft and corruption that was rampant in New Orleans while rebuilding equals "ethnic cleansing". WTF?

And isn't it a little hypocritical to accuse right wingers of going to New Orleans just to get their freak on when they have as much said that's why "they" go there? To them a New Orleans that isn't an "anything goes" town isn't worth visiting. These are the same people who would never, ever, accept the same goings on in their own towns.

"The soul of the city would be gone if the blacks are not allowed to live in the city." Not "allowed" to live in the city? Who said they're not allowed to live in their city when everyone is "encouraging" them to return to rebuild their homes and lives. They have a chance to make their city better than ever and these idiots think it's not the "real" New Orleans unless its inhabitants live in squalor. How dare they even imply that New Orleans citizens aren't welcome back to their own city and that giving them a chance at a better standard of living is a plot to keep them out. As if they can't live in a cleaner city without corruption and crime. Who's the racist here?

"Of course, to make it truly a white Republican paradise, they will have to have a sleazy district somewhere, where the good Republican "family men" can leave their wives for a few hours, have sex with an underage prostitute, participate in some gambling and maybe watch a dogfight, and score some cocaine." Isn't that what people from all over the world have been doing in New Orleans for decades and in essence "exploiting" New Orleans citizens for their own decadent tastes? What a moron!

God these people disgust me. Why do I keep going there thinking maybe I'll hear a voice of reason? It's like hitting myself in the head with a hammer over and over.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

*Sniffle* *Whine* *Pout*

The IFC (International Freedom Center) who was so giddy about replacing the footprints of the World Trade Center with a virtual slap in the face to all who suffered losses there has decided to take their chips and go home because we didn't like them changing the rules to the game. In their smug and condescending manner and with obvious pouting going on (I could just see them with their bottom lips stuck out a mile) they're folding up shop rather than accept that their idea might be better recieved in say - Berkeley.

The four points they made as their good-bye:

* This significant blow to the idea of a living memorial that emerged from a comprehensive public process;
* The loss of a museum of freedom at the place where freedom was so brutally challenged;
* The failure to accept the offer of nine great universities to offer cultural programming on freedom issues in the heart of Lower Manhattan; and
* This setback to one of the most ambitious and promising service and civic engagement programs in this country.

Isn't that all grandiose sounding? [*coughbullshitcough*]

On the first point; it was certainly NOT a "comprehensive public process". It was a group of intelectuals grandstanding is what it was. The only thing that made it public at all was our resounding "NO". The third one really got me. They wanted the universtities to "offer cultural programming"? Right. Our liberal universtites who spend more time teaching their students what is wrong with America than what is right. Our universities who harbor such "nuanced" professors as Juan Cole, Ward Churchill and Rashid Khalidi? No thanks. We didn't want them formulating a diatribe of what we did do bring this upon ourselves over 300,000 square feet of what should be a memorial for innocent lives lost. A place where people should feel comfortable gathering and can tell their stories and share a commonality.

In spite of being such complicated people, we're in truth, very simple. Put a monument there that celebrates the American spirit and honors the fallen. Nobody put it better than Debra Burlingame when this first came to light.

I always come out as Libertarian

Every political test I take on the web assigns me into the Libertarian sphere.

You are a

Social Liberal
(66% permissive)

and an...

Economic Conservative
(65% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

George Galloway Quotes

Got these from here. (.pdf)

On Saddam Hussein: “Just as Stalin industrialized the Soviet Union, so on a different scale Saddam plotted Iraqis own Great Leap Forward… He managed to keep his country together until 1991. Indeed, he is likely to have been the leader in history who came closest to creating a truly Iraqi national identity, and he developed Iraq and the living, health, social and education standards of his own people." (I’m Not the Only One, Galloway’s autobiography)

On Iraqi Self-Determination: “There are elections and elections, there are many Arab presidents who are elected with 99.9, 94.7, 87.4 percent of the vote in elections but nobody believes these elections. They’re not real elections and the election that’s going to be held in Iraq in January, if it is held at all - and there is a big question mark over that - will not be a real election. How can you have a real election with hundreds of thousands of Crusader soldiers occupying the country, drawing up the electoral law, deciding who is allowed to take part in the elections, and utterly dominating the political life of the country?” (01/05, right before the first democratic elections in Iraq) )Might I note here that Saddam was "elected" with 100% of the vote?)

Galloway may have opposed the U.S. liberation of Afghanistan in 2001, but he supported the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. “[Osama bin Laden’s] medieval obscurantism was spotted first by us and what a pity that we were not able to persuade [Johann] Hari and [Christopher] Hitchens’s new best friends that, though the ‘holy warriors’ were the enemy of their enemy, they were better off with the enemy they knew.” (The Morning Star [organ of the Stalinist rump of the nowdissolved British Communist Party], 6/7/05) [.....] Yes, I did support the Soviet Union, and I think the disappearance of the Soviet Union is the biggest catastrophe of my life ... If there was a Soviet Union today, we would not be having this conversation about plunging into a new war in the Middle East, and the US would not be rampaging around the globe. (The Guardian, 9/16/02) (Yep, better that his communist friends "rampaged" around the globe.)

There's more at the link. And for a man who "loved" the Iraqi people so much, why was he a party to denying them food and medicine by subverting oil-for-food money under the table to line his own pockets? He is simply repugnant.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Michael Brown's testimony

Michael Brown, the left's favorite whipping boy for the last few weeks - right behind George Bush, admitted to making errors in the aftermath of hurrican Katrina, but said his biggest error was in not recognizing that Louisiana was dysfunctional.

Goes right back to what I said about two and a half weeks ago: "We talk big but we don't really know what the fuck we're doing so when things get bad, we're blaming you. Because YOU should have known we didn't know what the fuck we were doing."

Unholy Alliances

It's amazing what you can learn by just reading between the lines of what people say and do. Here is a website that exposes what is NOT said by the "peace movement" or what they DO NOT want you to know.

In just 5 minutes of perusing this website, I've found some pretty shocking things. Things I only suspected, things I knew, but could never find any real, verifiable information on and things I had NO CLUE about.


It's an absolute gold mine of information about those who are funding the so called "peace movement" which has drawn in people who don't even know who they're supporting with their actions. They are dupes and useful idiots for some very un-American, anti-American, and downright evil people. Their purpose is to use unsuspecting people who think they are supporting a "good" cause like promoting peace to further an agenda of gaining control of our government for less than desirable purposes. They attempt to subvert our Democratic processes by using them against us.

So to all of you who participated in the recent marches against the war - How does it feel to be used? Wake up! You're fighting against something you've been told is evil by the people who wish to control every aspect of your lives and who will see to it that you are left powerless in the end. Look at the speakers that were lined up for the march in Washington. Do you feel comfortable standing side-by-side with those who would destroy your way of life? To those who would gleefully reduce you the point of submission to their Marxist, communist wishes?

I'm not exaggerating. Do you want to live in a communist style country run with George Soros' and Theresa Heinz's money? Do you feel comfortable putting YOUR future in their hands? If you think that the rich are evil and have lived "priveledged lives" and don't understand you, the working man, why do you exclude these two and others like them? THEY'RE USING YOU!

DiscoverTheNetwork. Read it and weep.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Who said this?

"The command should be: have all of our military personnel and paid killer mercenaries out of Iraq within 6 months and the generals carry out the command." [emphasis mine]

Answer is in the comments.

Bill Maher sucks big, hairy goat balls

Sorry for the visual.

Bill Maher's site had this poll today:

Will the government handle the aftermath of Hurricane Rita any better than Katrina's? (Here are the choices)

No. Incompetence is as incompetence does.
Yes, if they want to keep their jobs.
Can't do worse.
Only the Fates will tell.

Nope. Sure wouldn't want to give anyone a chance to say anything positive, now would we?

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Autorantic Virtual Moonbat

The AVM (Autorantic Virtual Moonbat) thanx to Sean Gleeson. Sean says, "As you may be aware, my Autorantic Virtual Moonbat has been leaving nonsensical left-wing rants on some of my posts. My technicians and I theorized that it may just be craving attention and conversation."

Have fun!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Voucher Vultures? Puhleeze.

Earl Hadley at is not happy with how the government is handling getting students displaced from hurricane Katrina back into school.
Of the $2.6 billion in reconstruction funding proposed, nearly a fifth—$488 million—will go to providing vouchers to students. The conservative spin machine is quick to point out that Louisiana has a higher percentage of private school students than the nation overall. John Boehner, chair of the House Education Committee, suggests in The Washington Post that since all schools are opening their doors to children, we should support all schools. Boehner ignores the fact that, as People for the American Way states, it’s primarily public schools assisting displaced students. And it is public schools, as opposed to private ones, that have the obligation to provide for all students. Private schools are free to contribute or not. Following Boehner’s logic, the administration and its allies next will say that we should reimburse Wal-Mart for the goods that company donated.

In other words, if public schools take in displaced students, it's okay to divert funds there to compensate. But if private schools take in displaced students, fuck 'em - they can get financial help elsewhere. Oh, and nice Wal-Mart segue there.

And Ted "blowhole" Kennedy is outraged, outraged I tell you, at the neo-con machine trying to sneak in the voucher program, yet, what does he care? His kids went to private schools. And he, and other Senators and Congressmen, get the equivalent of these vouchers by not having to pay into their own retirement programs. But we can't talk about that. Theyr'e just so dead-set against it, regardless of whether or not it will work, they'll go to any measure to disparage it and keep it from being tried. What are they so afraid of?

The point is that government schools are for the most part already at capacity or overcrowded. To crowd them even more in communities already strained to accomodate large groups of evacuees is insanity.

Earl Hadley further says:
The strategy is pretty clear: Tug on the heartstrings about helping all children, and then, once the students are in school, demand that they remain in private/religious institutions so that their education is not disturbed.

Oh really, Mr. Hadley? And what hamster told you this? Again, what is he afraid of? That private schools might show them up and do a better job? Or turn out something other than a new generation of dependent Democrats?

Note that Earl is simply another Bush-basher who uses twisted logic and selective reasoning to oppose anything the administration tries to improve education while never coming up with a viable alternative. Even though education is supposed to be his specialty he seems to think that the best answer to educating our children is money for government run schools, judging by the way he defends them and criticizes anyone who tries to improve them by any another other measure than just throwing money at the problem. And then the money is.never.enough. Of course, he knows it all. /sarcasm

No. This man is not so interested in our schools as he is interested in beating the drum of opposition because he has a dislike for the current administration. If he really cared, if he really wanted to do something, he would be writing about the waste in government spending with regard to our education system. You know, like the five story building our own county schoolboard occupies, on prime property right on the river, with who knows how many offices which perform redundant services and pays its officials bloated salaries. (I won't even get into the content of the minutes of some of their meetings.) Hadley is so focused on the federal level - and all the petty theft and abuse is happening right under his nose at the local level.

And I think it stinks.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Too Deep

Okay, this is way over my head, but it seems that Seixon has a problem with the Lancet study undertaken to determine just how many Iraqi civilian deaths are attributed to the war.

I think the sin here (and please, I won't argue the details of "sampling" or "clusters". I'm a simple person) is the fact that it may be flawed, but still, this study and its conclusion is being used as "gospel" for argument's sake. We can beat each other up all day long on specifics, but in the meantime, there are literally millions out there who seize this information and use it to bludgeon their political opponents with or to sway public opinion, and it may not be accurate?

Isn't this similar to the problem we're dealing with on global warming? The information may not be accurate.

(And I dare you to read Seixon's whole post without getting crosseyed)

Sheehan/Clinton Meeting

It appears that Cindy Sheehan is not only delusional, but she is hearing voices that aren't there.
"I know their offices are going to be working with us; all we have to do is keep up the pressure on them," Sheehan said, adding, "Now it's up to the people of New York to put pressure on Clinton."

The Village Voice article says Hillary and Harry Reid met with Gold Star Mothers. (NewsMax yesterday specifically said Hillary and McCain - perhaps he was there too) It seems what Hillary said was a bit different from what Cindy seems to remember.

Bird Knows Address & Phone Number?

Okay, this is funny. Wish I could find it on the net, but no luck. I was listening to the Neal Boortz Show on the radio this morning and he tells us of a tame bird that was found and adopted by some school children for their class. If he said what kind of bird or where it was, I missed that part. Maybe it was in Japan.

What happened was the class adopted the bird and shortly afterwards the bird started chirping out its address and phone number in Japanese! Great way to reunite it with its owner, eh? Wish I'd done that with my cockatiel, Felix.

The odd thing is, I met a man a year or two ago and we got to talking. He told me he had found a cockatiel hanging around in his back yard that whistled the Andy Griffith song a year or two before. It hung around for a few weeks and he didn't see or hear it again. I couldn't believe my ears! The odd thing is he lived about six blocks from where I did when Felix disappeared. We had taught Felix to whistle the Andy Griffith song. I'm convinced it was Felix and was glad to hear that he at least lived for a while and may have been fine for a long period.

Small world, isn't it?

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hillary and Cindy

Hillary Clinton and John McCain to meet with Sheehan??? Okay, Sheehan already has meetings scheduled with Ted Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi, but what did you expect of either of them? This is a bad idea for Hillary and it makes me happy that she's doing it. She's only doing it with McCain because she thinks it will appear to be a more palatable idea if she's there with a Republican. You know ... a bi-partisan action? Bullshit. Sheehan has gone over the edge and just got through demanding that the military get out of "occupied New Orleans" and Hillary wants to meet with her?

How Do your Elected Officials Rate?

Mark, over at Decision '08, has a great link to Progressive Punch where you can see how your elected officials, House and Senate, rank according to the strict values of the "progressive" crowd. I think they're more clearly described as "regressive" or at best "static", but hey, that's just me. I think they may have created this list as a "How to Vote Democrat for Dummies" guide.

Mark's blog is well worth the read as well. He has an enviable and wicked sense of humor. And we all need a little levity, don't we?

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Critiquing the Judiciary Committee

Captain Ed has written a very good article for the Weekly Standard here. In it, he succinctly sums up the behavior of the Democrats during the Judiciary Committe hearings for John Roberts as "inattentive freshmen" during a college lecture in "Jurisprudence 101". Frankly, even though Spector tried to keep order, I think he was a jerk too.

Ted Turner - Whackjob

His interview (courtesy of RadioBlogger) with Wolf Blitzer regarding North Korea's lastest proclamation to disarm. The money quote:
Just 1940, the Germans were our enemies. For the last fifty years, they've been our allies. The same with the Russians...The Russians were our enemies before '91 when the Cold War ended. Let's give them [North Korea] a break.

Jeepers, Ted, do you think that might be because in both instances the government was over thrown, destroyed or collapsed? Might I suggest that we consider the fact that Kim "Ding Dong" Il ISN'T GOING ANYWHERE? That in 63 years of his life he HASN'T CHANGED?

Ted Turner stinks.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

An Ecouraging N.O. Story

A letter from a Pastor at St. Paul's Lutheran Church In New Orleans at OnlyThreeSoFar. A little good news now and then helps, doesn't it?

Dumbasses ™

I sullied myself today for you. You should be grateful. I went to DailyKos, as I sometimes do, to see what the inmates are up to. These people are largely, completely ignorant. They are so full of a bitter vetch that while you read you realize your face is scrunching up and turning to one side to avoid its spray as they spit out their vitriol. I always feel like I need a shower afterwards.

Some of the quotes that were elicited by an open thread which was started with nothing but a photo of Bush re-entering Air Force One after a day in Louisiana. The back of his shirt was sweaty:

"His back mounted little electronic "cue box" doesn't work too well when it gets all wet and sweaty like that."   Yes, folks, they're still insisting that Bush was wearing a wire for the debates. Another KosKid replied saying it was a "LifeVest" (a heart defibrillator). Uh, no you dope. That's Cheney with the heart problems. It seems that our other KosKid got his information from a kook at the unrivaled "Indymedia". hahaha.

The very next quote in line was : "Did his little radio pack transmitter spring a leak, explode, etc.?"   Someone was so eager and chomping at the bit to make a snide remark, they didn't read the previous two posts. I don't know about you, but when I want to comment, I read the other comments first to make sure I'm not simply repeating something.

This was immediately followed with: "It's called flop sweat. You're going to be seeing a lot more of it in the next three years."   By now, I'm starting to feel really dirty.

Then: "He is not president now and never was."   Quick, somebody call the police!

This guy was awfully long winded: "One, Bush was not elected by a clear majority of voters in either 2000 or 2004. 2000 is a known theft. 2004 is still in dispute, but there are too many problems with the recorded votes in Ohio, Florida, and other states to give Bush credit for an earned victory."   Still in denial, are we? I won't even get into the more flambouyant conspiracies he expounded on.

A little further down this one cracked me up: "Just thought I'd take the time to plug Senator Byrd's book."   Bwahahaha!

Then another dolt: "After citing the overall 44% approval, they say, "The President earns Approval from 48% of men and 44% of women." How does that work? I'd assume their ratio of men to women would roughly match the national ratio."   And this person has an opinion? Wow.

Moving right along: "Of the two guarantees in this world we prefer death to taxes."   Is this guy lost? Does he know what blog he's on? Then the very next quote: "More money in my pockets"   Okay, so two people are lost.

This guy was doing way too much thinking without a brain: "i notice the White House's photographer has determined the exact angle and distance from which to photograph the ramp within the same frame as the Presidential emblem. Head down in shame, most probably in a drunken stupor, little georgie, ashamed of the ink from an exploded ben[pen] forming a wide rivulet along the arc formed by his spine, returns home to a mother who is ready to beat her insolent and indolent child. Some may interpret this as a photograph of "hard work" and "labor." I see a child who is aware of the mistakes he has made dreading punishment from mommy. Notice the lights inside are still on."

That is, by no means, all of it. There's way more ugliness in them thar pages Kos thinks speaks for the American public. All he's done is create a goon magnet. Every dumbass™ in the world shows up in no time just waiting their turn to display their ignorance, meanspiritedness and gullibility. And all without shame.

"Some people are alone for a reason," my mother used to say.

Gingrich Speech

We went to see Newt Gingrich speak last night. I have to say, it was better than I expected. He was very clear and concise. He was very positive. A far cry from what we had to endure in the last election cycle. John Kerry hijacked the entire campaign season with so much negativity that the responses to it were more negativity.

He hit on the most important aspects of our country, its people and goverment have to address if we are to come out of the spiral we're in.

1. Taking the terrorist threat seriously. And this means that some need to get out of their hidey holes, quit denying it and face it head on.

2. Stop this effort to drive God out of public life. 91% of the people are actually against this and 8% are dictating to the 91%. He made the point that our forefathers acknowledged that our rights came from our creator. If the creator is driven out of our lives then who will our children grow up thinking our rights came from? "The State?" Not good. Not good.

3. I'll take this part straight from the literature because it says it all; "The challenge of China and India will require transformations in litigation, education, taxation, regulation, environment and health policies for America to continue to be the most successful economy in the world and the best source of high-paying jobs and enough economic growth to sustain the Baby Boomers and their children when they retire, especially the transformation of math and science education in America." [emphasis mine]
    3a) Litigation: We graduate far more lawyers than China or India which graduate many more math and science specialists. We're far to litigous a society. Banning lawyer commercials would be a good start. He agrees.
    3b) Education: Why can't someone, who has years and years of experience and degrees in math and science, volunteer one hour a day to really teach our children what they know and love more than anyone else? Because they don't have a teaching degree and haven't paid teacher's union dues. It's stupid.
    3c) Taxation: our tax code is a nightmare. He wouldn't elaborate on a question from an audience member asking his opinion about the "Fair Tax" idea. He did admit that what we have now is a mess but didn't openly endorse it. However, he does endorse individual retirement accounts.
    3d) Regulation: We have excessive regulations on private business and excessive regulations on health insurance is what's causing many Americans to be unable to afford it.
    3e) Environment: He's against the Kyoto Treaty and says furthermore, "Human progress can coexist with biodiversity. Greater wealth and technological achievement helps the environment. The greatest dangers to biodiversity are poor people cutting down tropical forests for monetary gain and killing endangered species for meat."

He wouldn't answer the question whether he planned to run for President. And even elicited a few laughs during his hour at the podium. He spoke about hurricane Katrina and the failures of each level of government in the disaster relief. Local government needs to be held accountable to their citizens or be replaced by the people with someone else until they get the right one in office and FEMA needs to be overhauled to be more receptive to the private business sector in coming to the aid of people when in need. Perfect sense. Out of, I think, 200 offers from private business to send in teams of experts and equipment to help with aid and recovery, free of charge, FEMA could only find its way to saying yes to a mere handful. That's just sick.

He also thinks we should censure Senator Durbin. - Hear! Hear! Now, if we could only get him to include Ted "blowhole" Kennedy.

There was so much more to the speech, but I'm running out of time. If you want more information on Newt Gingrich go to his site. He has a series of .mp3 files in the left column. I'd recommend listening.

Monday, September 19, 2005

And the winner is ...

Each year the guys look forward to "football season". We women prefer to call it "sweater weather". That's one of the many differences between men and women.

Each "football season" Bobby Love conducts the football pool. It's not like most pools. We all call Bobby Love every Sunday morning, give him our picks and hope we are the winner. Bobby doesn't collect money from anyone as he takes down names and picks as most do. We figure half the fun of winning is collecting our own money. We all meet at our favorite watering hole each Friday and it's the winner's responsibily to collect his or her own cash. I won last week and I've won again this week. And I get great pleasure walking around the bar, drink in hand, tapping people on the shoulder and saying, "You owe me five bucks. Pay up, sucker." It's great fun.

Suzie and I are the only two women who get in on the action. The rest are guys. Anywhere between 11 and 18 people play at a time. Last year, the first 5 Sundays, Suzie and I kept winning alternately and it wasn't until we got bored and bowed out of playing that any of the guys finally got a stab at the pot. The "guys" who pride themsleves on keeping up with stats for each player and spending the weekdays analyzing, and agonizing over probablilities and possibilities have found that there's no replacement for just deciding who has the cutest quarterback. Okay, I'm kidding. I don't have any idea what I'm doing, nor do I even know who the quarterback is for more than half the teams.

But I'm certainly not going to let the guys know that.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Galloway vs Hitchens

I'm reading the Galloway/Hitchens debate and have come to the conclusion that George Galloway is, as I first suspected, a pompous ass. And he's a compulsive liar. And he's a despicible man. I'll stop there. I think you get the picture.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

First of all, I'll say what I said elsewhere; that this was not really a debate. It took very little time for it to devolve into shear guttersniping. Real debates have "impartial" moderators. The moderator "Amy" did a poor job of concealing her own partisanship. Considering the very little she did say, I saw it come out quite plainly twice. Debates are conducted with a certain level of decorum, the participants stick to facts and they should appeal to the intellect of the observers, or audience. Not their thirst for sensationalism as if they're at a cockfight. And last of all, the debators should be evenly matched. Galloway and Hitchens are worlds apart in that respect.

I read in the UK's Independent":
The "sold out" sign on the doors of Baruch College spoke volumes about the thirst for open public debate on the issue, and the rarity of home-grown voices who might quench it. For a subject that is often discussed but seldom debated, the talent had to be imported.

Blow me.

Galloway recalls history in the fashion that one would if they didn't really know history. He makes it up as he goes along. Then he uses his fabrications to bludgeon his opponent. It's really laughable. And the very saddest part is those in the audience who applaud him when he does it, for they do not know history either and accept his fables as fact. Pitiful. Really pitiful.

For instance: He attacks Hitchens and calls him a hypocrite because he said Hitchens does not support the resistance against coalition troops in Iraq, but voiced support for the Algerian resistance against French occupation (in the early 1800s) . You can't even compare the two! Algeria was a Muslim country under Muslim/Sharia rule and Iraq was inhabited by Muslims under a secular dictatorship. The French invaded Algeria for noble initial reasons, but had no intention of leaving (it evolved into more imperial expansionism. They intended for it to become a French Territory) and even at one point began burning Arab and Berber harvests, seizing unarmed civilians and ravaging the country because of their resistance. A far, far cry from what the coalition is doing in Iraq, not to mention that the vast majority of the resistance in Iraq are not even Iraqis. (Another point that Galloway insists is false. He says that only 6% are foreign. I'll be checking on this fact and I do think he'll be found to be lying again. If I'm wrong, I'll say so.)

Galloway said, "Unless we stop invading and occupying Arab and Muslim countries, then we will be forced to endure the atrocities that took place in New York on 9-11 and in London on 7-7, over and over again." As if these attacks weren't already far too often executed or devastating! This is a very often used and convenient way to frame an argument. He ignores or omits all the previous decades of terrorist attacks against the interests of other countries that preceded either invasion of Iraq or Afghanistan and put all his emphasis on what has occurred since. In fact, 9/11 counts as before we invaded anyone. He also neglected to mention the train bombing in Madrid and the fact that even after Spain's capitulation they were still breaking up terror cells planning more attacks within their country. But that would have undercut his argument. So all he really has left is 7/7 in London. In actuality, fewer terrorist attacks in western countries have occurred and more have been thwarted since the invasion of Iraq. Also consider the fact that these attacks since the invasion were, in all likelihood, going to happen anyway, somewhere in some fashion. History had set that precedence. And they don't need a good reason, because they'll just make one up. He also doesn't mention the murder of Theo Van Gogh which had nothing to do with Iraq, but everything to do with militant Islam's agenda no matter who invades who or doesn't or why.

Galloway calls Hitchens a "popinjay". I find that quite amusing since Galloway is the epitome of such a dandified, pompous, self-aggrandizing asshole who has a long history of cavorting with and making excuses for dictators and thugs. His only rebuttal to Hitchens' accurate description of him as such a "cavorter" is, "It's a lie. Buy my book." Puhleeeze.

I still have a lot more to read. But so far, I'm holding my nose because it stinks.

[EDIT] Galloway's 6% number of foreign resistance in Iraq is untrue. It's closer to 70%. I thought it was, but checked to be sure. Did he just pull a number out of his rear quarters? Probably. If one cannot back an argument like his that the majority of Iraqis are fighting against or hate the coalition's presence, then I guess the only recourse is to make up some numbers to fortify the lie which was needed to fortify another lie.

[later] I stand corrected. Seixon clarifies, in the comments, the percentage of foreign resistance.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Getting things done .... NOT!

We got up early this morning to "get some things done". HA!

First, we thought we'd get that slow leak taken care of in one of the Jeep's tires. We got to our favorite garage and it was closed. They must be doing a brisk business if they can close on Saturdays now. Good for them. Bad for me. So we thought we'd just stop at the Goodyear tire store instead. $40 to fix a leak! We said thanx, but no thanx, you can put the vaseline away now. Ah well, the tire can wait 'til Monday. We have a compressor to keep it full until then.

Then we thought we'd go to Lowes and look at exterior doors and pick up a few odds and ends. Sort of get an idea of what they have for doors and how much it'll cost. Nice stuff, we found what we liked but just aren't ready to buy today. Maybe next week. So we mosey over to gardening and pick up one new chair cushion for the one odd patio chair and on our way to the register we grab some screws to fix the gate.

The fellow in front of us was buying a rather expensive tool for around $1000 and the cashier was an old woman. Now I have nothing against old people. As a matter of fact, I'm an old person myself. But this woman stood there, staring at the computer screen, trying to enact an extended warranty for the guy and I thought after a couple minutes of her not moving (it didn't even look like she was breathing) well, I thought maybe she had died standing up or something. But then she moved and Nin and I, and the rest of the growing line of people heaved a sigh of relief. I don't know if it was because they were concerned for her or if they were worried about EVER getting out of the damn store.

The whole thing ended up taking about fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes! One register open in a super-sized hardware store on a Saturday morning? And the only cashier is a hundred and fifty years old? GACK! As I looked back at the line of people standing patiently, every single person rolled their eyes. I thought it would have made a funny, short-clip video. I stifled a laugh.

Finally, it's our turn. The cushion I had picked up didn't have a price. CRRRRRAP!! So I step out of line so at least one person can get through the register while I wait for Nin to run like the dickens back to gardening. There he rips the price off the box containing the cushions as not one single cushion had a tag or bar-code or anything. He gets back, out of breath, just in time for me to try my luck again with the human snail at the register. She scans in the torn piece of box and stares at the screen again. [insert crickets here] She looks again at the cushion, the bar-code in her hand and again at the screen. Then she asks me if I'm sure that the bar code is the correct one because - get this - she says, "This says it's for a chair.". -- WTF? -- "Yeah," I said, "It's a cushion for a chair." Hello? She proceeds to try and argue with me. I'm not going to argue. This damn cushion, these damn screws and this whole damn store don't mean enough to me to argue. I just smiled and said, "You know what? Nevermind. Have a nice day." And we left. I'm pretty sure I heard applause as the door closed behind us.

This wouldn't be complete without my mentioning a quick stop by McDonalds so they could screw up our order. I know. You're shocked. McDonalds screwed up an order. If they didn't screw up every third order all day, every day, the earth would stop spinning, time would cease to exist and the old lady at Lowes would still be standing there, staring at the computer screen when cockaroaches reclaimed the planet.

On the way home Nin said, "That's it, I'm going out for a drink." So he's at Pete's and I'm sitting here at my computer bitching and THAT, my friend, is what life is all about.

Friday, September 16, 2005

"Religion" is the Tool

This is, of course, my opinion, so take it or leave it, and until someone is willing to rebutt it with something other than insults, I'll stick with it: I'll just suffice it to say that to try and find any particular psychological trait or social or economic background (or any combination thereof) in the suicide bomber as an underlying cause of that behavior is indicative of what many people are doing. Ignoring or understating the obvious. Is it PCism? I don't know. Yes, many suicide-bombers are educated and I understand that is what these "recruiters" look for and why. Yes, many are of a higher, or at least middle-class, economic background relevant to their region. But many are not well educated which is apparent by their age (just how educated can a 16 or 17 year old be and where were they educated at all?) Also, many are from below middle-class families. There are so many variables there, it's an exercize in futility.

What many people are refusing to say out loud is that Islamic fundamentalism and/or extremism is what this all boils down to. Is it an unwillingness to upset Muslims who don't subscribe to that extremism that keeps them looking for other reasons? (PCism) But we keep coming back to that one aspect, Islamic extremism, that the suicide bombers ALL have in common. What makes them "susceptible" to it is surely psychological and something we understand even less than the psychology of the serial killer who came from a normal family. Yet there are many more obvious indicators in the suicide bomber.

Many Muslims are exposed to the same extremism yet do not go down that road of "suicide-martyrdom", but many of them quietly endorse it to different degrees because they're not being actively recruited for such missions or brainwashed by charismatic ideologues. These cheerleaders or "side-liners" who excuse it or over-look it (hell, we see some cheering in the streets) are slowly coming around though and as fewer make excuses and become more vocal against suicide-bombers, we will see fewer of them.

The suicide-bomber's original anger can be political, social or economic, but they're told their "religion" demands their action. The extremist's interpretation of the religion is so rigid and spartan and demanding that when one encounters such a charismatic ideologue as their recruiters/trainers it only reinforces what they've already "learned" throughout their life, where their religion permeated every aspect of their lives, and he brings them to a whole new level. These ideologues, or "sergeants", are very adept at breaking down the suicide-bomber's natural instinct of "self-preservation" by use of the "religion", guilt, and the promise of a utopia, even fear, among other things, before they're sent on missions, - suicide or otherwise.

And let's not forget the detainees who have told us of the drugs given them to bolster their confidence in their non-suicide missions or when we find the suidide-bomber handcuffed to the steering wheel of an IED-laden car. In these cases, it's obvious that they're reluctant and the "sergeant" who sends them on the mission recognizes this. As I said, they're very adept.

Instead of looking for the motives of the suicide bomber, I just think it would be more important to put the middle man under the magnifying glass. The suicide-bomber's master. These guys are very proficient at manipulation and re-inforcement. We don't hear from these guys. They stay under the radar. The suicide bomber is just their means to an end.

I think that as we go up the chain, we'll see less real "religion" and more of a power struggle and social engineering. Religion is the tool.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Quote of the day

"... people who overestimate their own brilliance mistake intellectual intelligence for judgement and wisdom..."

I couldn't have said it better given a million years to do so.

Terrorists Shoot Down U.S. Plane in Iraq

Rusty has the scoop. Turns out it was just an itty-bitty UAV. As someone said there, "I hope the GI Joe pilot wasn't hurt."

Here it is to scale (hehe)

In other news, the Islamofascists have finally developed, after decades of research and development, their own version of the UAV.

Feinstein and Illegal Aliens

So Feinstein just pretty much decided that illegal immigration means NOTHING. To paraphrase her: It's the feds job to keep illegal immigrants out, BUT once they're here, it's our job to make sure they have rights - namely, access to our taxpayer funded education system. WTF?

Once they're here, regardless of what the feds' responsibility is in keeping them out, she feels that they are not criminally responsible themselves. Again, the Democrat mindset that no one is individually responsible. Once they've broken our laws of immigration, it's our job to give them freebies? No, Senator Feinstein. It's not. They DON'T have the right to milk our government of resources simply by virtue of "slipping under the radar". Yes, we feel children should be educated. But is it our responsibility to educate the world as soon as they set foot on our soil, by hook or crook? No.

Her demeanor implies that Roberts, and by extension all conservatives, are inhumane in that they don't care about the plight of those who had the misfortune of being born in a country that gives little or nothing to its citizens, and come here for more opportunity, by restricting their access to our system. She is smug and condescending. Newsflash, Ms. Feinstein. We don't have "bottomless" resources. We have laws and rules and as long as we are extending our resources to those who don't have a right to them, then those who DO have a right will suffer.

And therein lies the problem. Democrats, such as Feinstein, complain bitterly about the state of the economic disparity of our "citizens" without regard to what they're indeed asking. That we support ANYONE who walks through our doors regardless of their ability to care for themselves and not discerning the difference between the rights of "citizens" and the rights of "non-citizens" who just happen to be standing on American soil. Yes, we do care about other people, but we can't solve "everyone's" problems. It would be as if my neighbors moved into my house while I was gone and now I'm responsible for feeding and clothing them until someone else discovers that they broke in. My family, as a result, will have to do without those things they have a right to in order to accomodate aliens in my home. Would Senator Feinstein react favorably to this if it was her home? Well, it IS her home!

America is our home and Americans are our family. FIRST. And to pretend that it doesn't matter is to be dreaming in a utopian world with no resemblance to actuality at all. It's idealism vs. realism. And beating someone over the head with idealistic dreams will not make it come true. At some point we have to decide what's possible and what's not.

I can't help but come to the determination that the Democrat strategy of pushing for illegal aliens' rights to our system; education, voting, welfare and even establishing "sanctuary" cities shows a level of desperation. They have lost the support of so many "natural" citizens of our country, they have nowhere else to turn for enough votes to remain relevant.

Now that I've given this more thought, I think I can clarify my feelings on the education issue for illegal aliens.

There is a right and proper way to enter our country. Through the proper channels, one should get a visa of some sort to be here legally. Yet I think it shouldn't be so hard to get here, too. Especially in a post 9/11 world, we MUST have some sort of system to know who is here and why. This is not being done to the best of our abilities. However, it's unfair to limit visas to "X" number of people and only if they have something extraordinary to offer. This country is not run by extraordinary people in truth. It's run by you and me. People who go to work each day doing mundane things that make the world go 'round. There is a real problem with such a system. We allow those in who have scholarly credentials with little regard for checking out their purpose for being here. We allow engineers in that are really here to study our bridges and buildings so they can determine which is the best way to blow them up. We allow Islamic scholars in and turn a blind eye to what they preach. We give assylum to those who are fearful of their own governments but don't much question why.

Yes, it's true that many people who get here legally and illegally are fine people. They find jobs and become productive citizens. They pay the taxes that give back to the system that gives to them. Many do not though. They sneak in, get jobs that pay under the table and send their money back to their country of origin to their families, untaxed and unburdened. This is not fair. And we must crack down on the businesses that hire them as well as our federal government for letting them in so non-chalantly.

Many come here for nefarious purposes. The MS-13 gang, human traffickers, drug smugglers and the like. They abuse our system and take advantage of our general good nature. Many of these people come here illegally and collect welfare and send their kids to our schools while American citizens go without. They even vote. They make no effort to learn our language or develop job skills. They have no understanding of our laws, yet don't hesitate to use them against us.

My point is that I do understand that children should not be punished for the misdeeds of their parents. But the parents should come here legally through a system we must overhaul or stay in their own countries and send their kids to school there. I'm sorry, but that's how I feel.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Joe Biden Stinks Too.

Why is it so hard for him and some of his fellow Democrats to understand that voting for Roberts should have absolutely no bearing on Roberts' personal beliefs? Why do they insist on hearing what he personally believes about any given subject - especially those that are yet to come before the court or will again come before the court - to determine their vote? Don't they understand that determining their vote using this criteria is against everything the courts stand for? Isn't justice supposed to be blind? By demanding to know what his personal beliefs are aren't they admitting - no, strike that - aren't they "expecting" him to determine the outcome for cases according to his personal beliefs? How can they expect him to give his opinion about a case A) he did not hear and will likely come back with a different plaintiff or defendent or B) he has not YET heard?

Are they that dense? I don't think so. I think they're quite transparent and hope, through several days of badgering, they can find out if he likes abortion or doesn't like toads in Texas.

Learning new tricks

I used to be at "another blog" and it was quite user friendly. This site isn't quite as easy. I'm having difficulty even changing some colors. I had to create an actual background to get a new color in the posting section. If there's an easier way, I sure don't know what the hell it is. I can't even figure out how to get colored borders. An I even know HTML. What's in the source code for the template here is freakin' Japanese.

Is this some kind of conspiracy to make this move difficult for me? I'd get my own domain and pay monthly fees, but my husband thinks I'm crazy for blogging as it is. Maybe I am.

So, if things look like crap around here for a while you'll know why. You should see my house.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Your mouth is moving, but all I hear is blahblahblah

Things I'm tired of hearing:

Old ones
Tax cuts for the rich.
    "Everyone" got tax cuts, imbecile. Except those who don't pay taxes. Can't cut taxes on those who don't pay them now, can you?

    Cram it. Next time you have something to say about the police or firemen, I'm going to tell you, "Unless you're willing to put yourself in harms way and apprehend criminals or put out fires - STFU."

The economy is so bad.
    Really now? And what level of degree do you have in economics? None? Oh - well then STFU.

    Isn't that cute? Okay, now say "supercalifragilisticexpealidocious".

We're there for the oil.
    Right. We're there so they can raise it to $70 a barrel. We didn't think we were paying enough.

There were no WMD.
    I'll tell you what, ask these people where the WMD are. Oh, that's right - Bush LIED to them. As a matter of fact, the WHOLE DAMN world fell for it. Mwahahaha.

New ones
If the people in New Orleans had been rich/white/republican (pick one or all), Bush would have been there faster.
    How ignorant. If they had voted in a Mayor and Governor for any other reason than their promises to keep the welfare checks coming, they might have cared enough to crank up a few buses to help get them out.

"Bush supporters act like the critics are blaming him for the hurricane and the flood."
    A bunch of them are, dumbass™. Haven't you heard? He didn't sign the Kyoto. If he had, we'd all be skipping alongside chocolate rivers, singing songs and eating lollipops. Haven't you read? He cut funding for the levies. Never mind that it's a lie - you heard someone say so and you hate him so it MUST be true.

FEMA - Brown - FEMA - Brown (repeat incessantly).
    You didn't even know who he was before two weeks ago and now you're a critic. Newsflash, dumbass™, FEMA was NOT ever intended as a first responder. It works from the bottom up. All one need do is ASK FOR HELP. Thanx to you, the federal government will now have more power over the states in one more respect. But that's what you've wanted all along, haven't you?

You people make me sick. Nah, I feel sorry for you. You don't even have the wherewithall to come up with your own sayings or opinions. That must stink.

Roberts hearings - Live and in color

Diane Feinstein stinks too. Each member of the judiciary committee has their thing. Her thing is abortion.

She just quoted several remarks Roberts has said in the past that sounded disparaging toward women and wanted to know if this was how he felt. Legitimate question. He said he felt gender equality was important. However, when he tried to put the remarks into their proper context she said she didn't want to "belabor" the point she just wanted to know if that was the way he felt and again brought up his past remarks. He answered her question again. She said she wasn't interested in that, she just wanted to know if that was the way he felt "now". WTF? I'm pretty sure she was belaboring the point.

She just tried to trick him into a Roe related question. He's far too smart for that. She apparently has judged him relevant to her own intelligence.

It seems that the order of the day is to quote him out of context and snidely wait for him to explain himself and then feign indifference.

She brought up the Bray case and knew the answer already. Why she asked it, I don't know. When he answered it, once again, she feigned indifference.

Now she's on "church and state". She has no clue what the first amendment says. She said she believes in the "absolute" separation of church and state. What ever that means. Then she led straight into one's right on "end of life" decisions and the court's role. He skirted a definitive answer deftly.

If she brings up her "days as a student at Stanford University" during her questioning as she did during her opening statement and a million times over the last few weeks, I'm writing her a letter.
Thank God she's done. I won't be writing that letter.

The Roberts confirmation interrogations, er hearings, began yesterday. Sort of. We were first subjected to bloviations, and in Kennedy's case, blow-hole clearings, until we were bored to tears.

Those bloviations by Democrats ranged from Reagan to abortion and everything in between while the Republicans simply assured Roberts he didn't have to answer certain questions.

Sen. Russell Feingold (D-Wis.) implied that the administrations refusal to release certain documents from the time Roberts was solicitor is a conspiracy of some sort with this statement: "The refusal gives rise to a reasonable inference that the administration has something to hide here." How about attorney-client priviledge, dude? Or is that not enough "nuance" for you? And he also said, "This is a confirmation proceeding...not a coronation." --What a turd-- And if Dianne Feinstein says one more word about her "days as a student at Stanford University" I think I'll throw up. And I can't believe Kennedy can even say the word "bipartisan" without choking. And, and, and, oh nevermind.

I find it interesting that even with the recent Kelo decision, the Democrats still support and want liberal judges. Technically speaking, with "liberal" judges on the court, why do we need them at all? Just make them all Senators instead.

[EDIT] Captain Ed said it far better than I could.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Sean Penn - Media Whore?

You know what? I couldn't care less what Sean Penn does in his spare time. Really. But this stunt with the boat and forgetting to plug the hole and having "not-so-real" or "improperly worn" "body armor" is sorta funny. And in that link, you'll see in the comments a really funny commenter who posted this:

Reporter: Mr. Penn, are you wearing REAL body armor as a means of *self protection* and to give the impression that you know something of law enforcement??

Penn: No, it's fake, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night...

The thing of it is this; Sean Penn has now been seen in New Orleans carrying a shotgun. WTF? What is he? Or, better yet, what does he THINK he is? I mean really. He thinks there aren't enough guardsmen in New Orleans? And he's going to help out? He's asking to get his ass shot off. And he's CARRYING his incomplete flak vest!

I won the football pool yesterday over ten men. Ha! It's gonna be a good year. Friday I will collect five bucks each from them at happy hour. And I will make fun of them while I'm doing it. You know why? Because I can. (Wait a minute, where have I heard that before? Oh yeah! - Bill Clinton)

The cost of doing business in China.

In a recent discussion elsewhere, regarding China's reluctance to let the world know they too have a problem with Muslim jihadis, one commenter jumped into the conversation and let us know he was from China and called we Americans "Red Guards" because we had an opinion about China's way of handling it. I begged to differ and pointed to the fact that so much information does, in fact, not get into China because of their censorship and to call us "Red Guards" was indicative of that. This fellow has bought into what information he is allowed to have with no consideration for the fact that he's not getting the whole story. As a matter of fact, he's being fed a pack of lies. Much like our own media selling us a bill of goods without telling "the whole story" on just about everything. Our advantage is that we are not censored and we CAN get the whole story via other channels. Namely BLOGS.

I pointed him to this website which lists all the sites banned in China. The irony was that he could not view the list because THAT site was also banned in China. And the list hasn't even been updated. There are probably scores more than you see there.

Now we see how Google and Yahoo have kowtowed to the will of China's censorship just to make a buck. Just so they can have a presence there as well. You know what I think about that? Hold Yer Nose 'cause I think it stinks.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

A few days ago, over at the Jawa Report, Rusty said a source told him some big news was getting ready to come out of Afghanistan. Speculation abounds. At first commenters speculated, in seriousness, that perhaps bin Laden had been found. The speculation quickly devolved into silliness. Here are some of the best ones:

Free opium for all American citizens over 21?

OBL caught/dead/humping a camel 12-1

Mullah Omar caught/dead/humping a camel 17-1

Afghans hold telethon for Americans affected by Katrina - raise $1 billion in 48 hours as the drug dealers around the world bid on opium plots 75-1

Major new coalition offensive finds hidden WMD stocks that are linked to both Pakistan 20-1 and Iraq 25-1

US troops are heading home after finishing the job, new US troops heading to Afghanistan are there to serve as advisors to help reconstruction 30-1

OBL caught humping little boy 3-1

Kanye West will play Kabul on December 14th?

Bin Laden's camel killed 5-1

Afghani National baseball team beats Seattle Mariners 6-3?

New Orleans Saints move their 2005 home games to Kabul: 50-1

Video of Osama dynamiting the Ponchartrain levees?

Mash note from Qusay to Obie, offering to let him crash in Iraq until the heat's off?

Video of CIA operative secretly replacing Obie's dialysis filter with dark, sparkling Folger's crystals?

Compromising photo of Mullah Omar and Iran's new Prime Minister dancing the funky chicken at a terrorist training camp in the late 80's?

George Galloway's mustache hairs identified by DNA, embedded in the hiney of OBL's charred corpse?

Hillary! fundraising letter addressed to Bashar Assad?

Discovery of Zarqawi's cache of exotic bukkake porn?

Planned Parenthood sets up new Karachi headquarters.

Sean Penn turns up atop mountain NE of Kabul in boat with two photographers, two columnists, two directors, two...

Pork chop restaurant opens in Jalalabad.

Friday, September 09, 2005

It's really pathetic when a natural disaster strikes and while everyone is scrambling to get a handle on things, right on the very first day people start shouting, pointing fingers, criticizing and spreading stories about things they know absolutely nothing of. And I am not lying when I say it was the ultra-left wing of this country that has been the most guilty party of all.

Yes, I'm pointing fingers. I'm pointing my finger at those people and telling them to JUST SHUT UP! I'm sick and tired of the immediate reaction of "BUSH! BUSH! It's all his fault!" Good God, people. Get a grip on yourselves and do something besides shouting invectives and criticizing those who are trying.

We have two kinds of people in this country. Those who get up and do something, even if they make mistakes along the way, and those that sit on their fat asses and criticize them.

Hillary jumped out of the box demanding a Katrina Commission. Right, Hillary. Just like the 9/11 Commission?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr burned up his keyboard at the Huffington Post with his superior morality raving about the Kyoto Treaty on the first day. The first day!

Nancy Pelosi has been screaming for Brown's head. Did she forget that he was nominated and then confirmed by the Senate with a voice vote UNANIMOUSLY? That's a big problem with many of our Democrat politicians. They vote someone in and scream bloody murder, blaming the Republicans when they don't fit the bill.

"The emergency response system was set up to work from the bottom up." Why do these people lay all the blame on the feds? Yep. They were slow to get there. BECAUSE NO ONE ASKED FOR THEIR HELP. All the feds heard was "We have everything under control. See? Here's our plan." Only they didn't do anything in the plan. Nagin keeps saying, "I told them to leave. I told them to leave." Good Lord. I read the official letter Kathleen Blanco sent to Bush. She recited all the preventive measures they were taking and simply asked for funding for later damages. She must have mentioned "debris removal" four times. Did she mean bodies?

I haven't heard a single one of these Democrats criticize the elected officials from the city and state level in Louisiana. Why are they in office? They're in office becuase the people of louisiana VOTED them into office. Not because of Bush. Not because of any one else.

It's the same old entitlement mentality. "We talk big but we don't really know what the fuck we're doing so when things get bad, we're blaming you. Because YOU should have known we didn't know what the fuck we were doing."

Mistakes were made. Yes, people died. How many didn't have to if they'd only done one simple thing. Use the buses. Instead they feel a lot better about their fellow Democrats who were disgustingly neglectful by blaming Bush. That's just pathetic.

I hope they do have a thorough investigation.

A diamond in a shithouse. A must read.

[EDIT] I've been reading the comments after Greg's post (which, by the way, I found to be rather witty) and came across a comment by "an american" which consisted of several questions. First off, if this person had any sense of self respect I wish they would capitalize the word "American". Second, I will attempt to answer "an American's" questions:

Do you think of the Commander in Chief as having more physical courage than you?
"Physical courage"? WTF does that mean? Even though the question makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER, I'll try to answer it anyway ---- Yes.

Do you think the C-in-C is far smarter and hard-working than you are and so deserves twice as much vacation?
I think he's smarter than me in the sense that he can be C-in-C and I do not have the qualifications. I think this is obvious in that the public voted for him instead of me, and more voted for him than anyone else. Am I smarter in the sense that he can't do my job - Yes. What makes you think he was "on vacation"? Because he spent time working from his ranch rather than in the White House? When you go on "vacation", you likely go away to somewhere other than where you live and are absolved of all job related obligations. Hence, it is called "vacation" or if you're in Europe, "holiday". THAT is a vacation. And oh yeah, he DOES work harder than me and probably you, too.

Do you believe the president has overcome hardships that would stop a lesser person such as yourself or your parents?
Are you saying I'm a "lesser person"? Let's see - he quit smoking, drinking and drugs. I have far more respect for someone who can quit these things than those who never did them and look down on those who did, but quit. Furthermore, what "hardships" do you speak of? Please clarify, because if you think that coming from a well to do family always keeps one from "hardships", you're wrong.

Do you believe that no one in the country could have done a better job at FEMA than Brownie?
No. And his name is "Brown".

Do you, like the C-inC, consider the sauds our best buds in the world and would you like to hold hands with them in a garden sometime? Do you believe the Sauds are promoting democracy and fighting terrorism?
See? now you're making assumptions that he sees the Sauds as "our best buds". That comes from your bitterness and now you're just making stuff up to take the moral high-ground whether you deserve it or not. No, I don't think the Sauds are promoting democracy - enough. And I don't think they are fighting terrorism - enough. And neither does the President. And THIS is your stupidest question of all. Because I don't know one-single-conservative, and neither do you, who wants to hold hands with them in the garden. If you're referring to Bush holding the old man's hand you are being petty and callous. HE WAS AN OLD MAN. HE WAS UNSTEADY. WOULD YOU BE HAPPIER IF HE PUSHED HIM DOWN THE STAIRS? If your answer is yes, you are not a true American. You are a hateful, spiteful person.

Thank you and good day.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

This just in:

CNN reporter predicts New Orleans to have largest construction boom ever.


"They were poor. What did you expect them to do? Get a room at the Hyatt in the next town?"

I was poor. Real poor. A single mom with 2 kids. When a hurricane headed for us in Florida several years ago, I put pulled what nonperishable groceries I had out of cabinets, filled jugs with water and tossed them in the trunk with some clothes and blankets, topped off my car with my last $17, grabbed the cat and the kids and a couple of board games and books and headed west on I-10 almost two days before it was to hit. When I got down to 1/2 tank of gas, we pulled into a rest stop and stayed until the danger passed then headed home. One officer gave me grief about hanging out for two days but didn't make me leave. I told him I had no where else to go. As a matter of fact, two truckers pulled up along either side of my car the first night for protection. They even radioed ahead to other truckers and asked if they could, would they stop to check on us and to pass the word. I thanked them profusely and never saw them again.

I suppose I could have looked for a shelter, but the only ones I knew of were in town and I didn't want to be anywhere near it.

It's not that hard for anyone able-bodied and with a vehicle at all. One only has to take the threat seriously and do whatever it takes. So when people talk about having a survivor kit, I can respect that. I had no such thing but certainly found enough around the house to handle a couple days.

We didn't have Dinty Moore beef stew, but a can of store brand green beeans is damn good when you're hungry.

Hold Yer Nose, cause this one's a stinker:

Most people are aware of Kanye West's ridiculous statements on NBC a few days ago. Where he publicly said, "George Bush doesn't care about black people." And that America is set up "to help the poor, the black people, the less well-off as slow as possible." The rest of his diatribe consisted of chastizing the media for their protrayal of those who were looting and blah, blah, blah.

Mike Meyers, his partner on the air at the time in a plea to donate money and resources to Katrina's victims, was flabberghasted. It took him a few seconds to regroup before he could start reading from the teleprompter again.

Mr. West is a full-blown, dyed-in-the-wool asshole. During his impromptu speech in which he excoriated a number of people he said he felt guilty for buying groceries for himself and hadn't contributed yet, "... so now I'm calling my business manager, right now, to see what is, what is, the biggest amount I can give ..."

So while he's ranting and criticizing, he hasn't even yet donated anything himself. After FIVE DAYS! And he can't donate anything without calling his business manager first?

Now Mr. Kanye is part of a concert for hurricane relief and says this, "I don't want to detract from the show at all, because it's entertainment, and a lot of times, in a time of need, we need entertainment to lift people's spirits," he refuse to say anything about his earlier idiocy. Or whose spirits he was trying to lift when he said, "George Bush doesn't care about black people."

Joel Madden, of the band Good Charlotte, said this in defense of West, "The great thing about our country is we all get to say what we feel and believe. Whether you agree with him, or whether I agree with him or not, he has the right to say what he thinks."

DUH!!! This has been the standard reply every time someone is chastised for saying stupid and idiotic things. "They have a right!" Well hells bells! [slaps forehead] I hadn't thought of that.

That's not even the point you friggin' moron.

Yes, he has the right. And we have the right to reject such claptrap and race-baiting. And you know what else? We have the right to free speech as well when we say out loud, "Kanye West, you stink!"

The Air America soup thickens as Al Franken is added to the pot.

There are so many web-based stories (90% are blogs. MSM doesn't seem to care) regarding the shell game Air America played to keep from becoming Airless America that I won't relate the whole thing here. At the end of this post I'll supply links to those who have done their homework and reported on what the main stream media chooses to ignore.

Al Franken has been slowly skating away from the Air America scam which began with procuring money from a non-profit organization designated to help poor children and concluded with a sale of the company to hide the fact that they owed nearly a million dollars to the organization. Franken wasn't wearing his speed skates and got nabbed by those who would actually care to see justice done in this fiasco. Don't hold your breath waiting to read about it in the Times.

The New York Times has done so little reporting on this it's almost gone without mentioning. The lastest NYT report was more concerned with the investigation of the non-profit group's finances than who tried to rip them off. They've reported just as scantly on the UN's Oil-For-Food scam, but that's another post.

This is absolutely despicable, yet expected, of the NYT which has no more credibility anymore than the tabloids we see at the grocery store checkout stand.

For information on how this came about and where it's going, I would submit these sites:
Michele Malkin (links to the rest of her articles on this ridiculousness are at the bottom)
Radio Equalizer
Captain's Quarters (google results)

Want to know what Air America's hosts talk about? What they say?
A few quotes from News Busters

Air America's worst:
Al Franken (ex-comedian)
Jeanine Garofalo (ex-comedienne)
Randi Rhodes (full blown idiot)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I think we should all read Bill Whittle's newest essay on tribes. Then read this article that could be nestled nicely in with Bill's ideas.

I'm not a full blown sheepdog. I want to be and I think I could be, given a set of circumstances that encourage some to become sheepdogs. At the very least, I'm a grey sheep. What are you? Pink or grey?

Addition Before I start with this, please understand that I'm not talking about all the poor in New Orleans. I'm talking about the wicked. So please do not misconstrue what I say here.

Some say these idiots running through the streets, killing, looting non-essential items from stores, and raping should be shot on site. I look at it this way. Some will argue that it's not their fault [the looters, rapists, etc.]. They were long oppressed by society and are not really responsible for their actions. I say Nay. If one among us comes down with a highly infectious plague, do we not separate them from the healthy? Yet, was it their fault?

Tendencies in those who will deliberately do others harm are not sudden like disease. They're nurtured and taught by others with the same traits and may lay dormant. It only takes a catalyst such as the disaster in New Orleans for these traits to come out. I say eliminate them from the gene pool.

Why would some people band together and survive quite well, even while helping others outside their realm - poor and midle class and rich - and others go off on their own or band with those who would decide it's better to take from others rather than use their own innate talents to do the same? I would venture to guess that most of those who are banding together to do the right thing are the very one's who have been robbed all along by the government to support those who now use their own brute force to continue to take what they are not willing to provide for themselves. They are still TAKING and TAKING and TAKING and they'll kill you to get what they want. The government, for even a brief period of time, stopped giving and now they take using their own force.

Civility and Barbarism. Who do you blame? In all reality - the individual. Period.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Maybe I should say why I'm here. I've had a journal since the mid-seventies. No, not always electronically. I have notebooks of all shapes and sizes with writing on both sides of every sheet of paper in every one stashed away for what purpose, I don't know. I stopped doing it the longhand way when I got my first computer in about '91 and when blogging started I got my own and started airing my dirty laundry to the world about 2 1/2 years ago.

Frankly, I've had enough. I have decided it's better to just remain anonymous and continue to air said laundry in a fashion that suits me. I do it for me more than anyone else. Somehow, putting things down in words and sentences helps make sense of this crazy world. It helps me. Sometimes I'm wrong. But the last time I checked, I was still free to be wrong.

I read other people's blogs daily. That helps too. In fact, it helps so much, I quit subscribing to the paper and watching network news. This world is not about the talking heads and some corporate backers who tell them what to say - who decide what we hear and know. It's about the people who are in the news. The people who the news is written about and what "their" story is. It's about the people who have their own feelings and interpretations about what goes on in the world. I don't need anyone to tell me only part of a story so that I will formulate the opinion they want me to. I want to hear everyone's side and come to my own conclusions. I want to hear about what good sometimes can come from a bad situation. I want to hear what good situation is really bad under the facade. I'm tired of being lied to.

But, I digress. I'm here now, today, because I'm tired of getting disappointed by people I know personally who misconstrue what I say in my blog and use it to judge me. Here, I will remain anonymous and say what I damn well think.

If you don't like it, there are literally millions of other blogs out there you can read because I'm not turning away or watching what I say just to please someone else ever again.

Disclaimer: I grew up in a home and around a family where discrimination of any kind based solely on color was scorned. I grew up liking certain people because they were decent people of any color. Yes, I see color. I have eyes. But I do not, nor have I ever used it to base my feelings for another person on. I'm not going to use the cliche "I have black friends so I'm not racist". I will say I have friends of many nationalities and races because we have a commonality. They don't see me as an enemy and I see them for the people they are and vice-versa. We like each other because we simply like each other.

With that said, consider this:

Scenario 1: Two people apply for a job. They are administered a test to determine their ability to execute the duties assigned to the job. One is white and one is black. They score the same on the test and one is truly randomly selected for the job. It's the black person.

Scenario 2: Two people apply for a job. They are administered a test to determine their ability to execute the duties assigned to the job. One is white and one is black. They score the same on the test and one is truly randomly selected for the job. It's the white person.

With knowing only this criteria, which is most likely to sue for discrimination? If they both sue, which is most likely to be taken seriously and actually be accepted in a court as a reasonable dispute? Why?

Because we all too often use reverse-discrimination to correct past discrimination and it has become an acceptable practice. Because as a society, we find it acceptable to push equality of outcome rather than equality in opportunity. Because as a society, we have demanded less of some and more of others based on the color of their skin.

The two scenarios above happen all the time. And more often than you may think, the white person is rejected because the pressures from society will not allow a business manager to make judgements on other criteria. Let's add more information to the two scenarios above:

a) The business may not easily have the ability to accomodate physical characteristics such as an obese person in a close environment regardless of color. Example; a 300 pound waitress in a small restaurant.

b) appearance - not color or race, but general outward pride in appearance, such as hair combed, teeth brushed, clothes pressed - these are all indicators of how a person will treat their workplace and their work tools.

c) attitude - how they will interact with other employees. We sometimes can quickly spot whiners, troublemakers, and gossips regardless of color.

Why would I hire a person with bad teeth and bad breath for my dental practice no matter how knowledgeable they are? Why would I hire someone with a thick or difficult to understand accent for telephone support? (We all know how frustrating that can be) We often use this and many other criteria in determining who we hire and it's never an issue when both applicants are of the same color. But when they are not, society expects us to ignore much other criteria and make special considerations. Of course we want people to hire based on qualifications of all kinds - not on color. But is this the way to do it?

These situations and thoughts here are not extreme in nature. They happen all the time. Why, in this day and age, do we allow this double standard? Many times, it turns out to be a waste of time and resources. After being pressured, with such constraints, to hire that person then we must document every infraction over a period of time before we can be rid of them when it turns out they do more damage than benifit to the company.

I worked for a large corporation which was subjected to mandates on hiring minorities several years ago. In some cases, things worked out okay. In some cases it did not, but we grinned and worked around it. In other cases, it ended up being difficult to remove them from the workplace because they did not meet criteria that was discouraged from being used to hire them in the first place.

This is not to say that all things would have worked out all the time if certain criteria had been allowed to be used for hiring, but it sure can cut down on the success rate if not. I understand too that some businesses are guilty of over compensating in kowtowing to these pressures. But with fines, lawsuits, and various other punishments hovering on the horizon when a business decision is misconstrued or twisted into a race issue I can see why they end up operating detrimentally.

Even though this has become a huge political issue, it's a common sense issue. What a shame that we demand so little of some people who can conceivably have so much more potential.